The 3rd Workshop on Big Data Quality Management (BDQM 2018)

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    Session 1 (13:30 - 15:00):

    1. [Invited Talk] Entity Resolution in Big Data Era: Challenges and Applications
        Lingli Li
        Heilongjiang University

    2. [Invited Talk] Filtering Techniques for Regular Expression Matching in Strings
        Tao Qiu, Xiaochun Yang, and Bin Wang
        Northeastern University

    Session 2 (15:0 - 17:00):

    3. Secure Computation of Pearson Correlation Coefficients for High-Quality Data Analytics
        Sun-Kyong Hong, Myeong-Seon Gil, and Yang-Sae Moon
        Kangwon National University

    4. Enabling Temporal Reasoning for Fact Statements: A Web-based Approach
        Boyi Hou, and Youcef Nafa
        Northwestern Polytechnical University

    5. Time Series Cleaning under Variance Constraints
        Wei Yin, Tianbai Yue, Hongzhi Wang, Yanhao Huang, and Yaping Li
        Harbin Institute of Technology